O`KEY GROUP partners with Rusfond to launch its fourth Kind Purchase charitable fundraising campaign

The Kind Purchase campaign is taking place from 24 October to 20 November 2019 in all 78 O`KEY hypermarkets and at the www.okeydostavka.ru online store. More than 1700 SKUs within the product ranges of O`KEY private label, Selection of O`KEY private label and Baby Island private label will be participating. To participate in the campaign, it will be enough for customers to purchase any goods of these private labels during this period. Part of the revenue generated through sales of these products will be donated for charitable purposes.

More than
1 700 SKUs 

This year, O`KEY and Rusfond agreed to use all the funds raised through the campaign to provide targeted treatment and rehabilitation to little patients under Rusfond’s care.

Our young customers will also be able to give their kindness and support to those who need it the most. O`KEY is launching a drawing competition as part of the Kind Purchase campaign, inviting children to make drawings reflecting their own perspectives on what a kind purchase means. Photos of children’s drawings can be submitted between 24 October and 15 November to okey@rusfond.ru. The drawing of the winner will be printed on a limited run of bags to mark the fundraising campaign to help children while the winning young artist will receive a special award from the Company. Drawings by other contestants will be posted in O`KEY’s social media. For more details about the organiser of the competition and the terms please visit www.okmarket.ru.

Armin Burger, Chief Executive Officer of O`KEY Group, said:

“The Kind Purchase charity campaign has become a good tradition for us and our customers and is increasingly gaining traction with each passing year. People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and value of their contribution to saving children’s lives. We are deeply grateful to our customers for getting behind this good cause. Support for seriously ill children is a social responsibility we share with Rusfond and we will continue our joint efforts to do everything we can.”


Lyudmila Fomina, Rusfond Development Director, said:

“By running its Kind Purchase campaigns, O`KEY enables thousands of its customers across Russia to take part in charitable giving. The campaign’s model is very simple: helping Rusfond’s children by shopping in O`KEY stores is a rewarding, beneficial and delicious experience».

History of Cooperation between O`KEY and Rusfond: 

RUB 19 mln 
has been raised

O`KEY partnership with Rusfond is an important part of the company's corporate social responsibility program. Since 2017 over RUB 19 mln has been raised for the wards of Rusfond through joint charitable events in O`KEY hypermarkets.

In February 2017, a charitable event ‘Buy a toy – save a child’s life’ ran for an entire month, enabling our customers to donate in store and raising more than RUB 5 mln. All of these funds were donated to provide medical treatment to 18 children from across Russia.

Another joint charitable event which took place from 2 to 29 November - ‘Kind November: Helping children together’ raised more than RUB 7.5 mln, with the funds used to purchase specialist medical equipment as well as to provide medical treatment for children with serious cardiovascular diseases, genetic disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and hearing problems.

Through its Kind Purchase campaign, O`KEY Group raised and donated RUB 6.8 mln in 2018, helping to provide needed treatment to children assisted by Rusfond and facilitate the development of the national bone marrow donor register programme.

A full report detailing the assistance provided to little patients using the funds raised through our charitable event is available on Rusfond’s website at: www.rusfond.ru/okey/003.

For more details about the campaign organiser, terms, participating products, campaign duration, locations and the purchasing requirements, please visit www.okmarket.ru.



O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE: OKEY, RAEX – ‘ruA-’) operates under two main formats: hypermarkets under the O`KEY brand and discounters under the DA! brand.

As at 14 October 2019, the Group operates 166 stores across Russia (78 hypermarkets and 88 discounters). The Group opened its first hypermarket in St. Petersburg in 2002 and has since demonstrated continuous growth. O`KEY is the first among Russian food retailers to launch and actively develop e-commerce operations in St. Petersburg and Moscow, offering a full range of hypermarket products for home delivery. The Group operates six e-commerce pick-up points in Moscow and six e-commerce pick-up points in St. Petersburg. The Group operates four distribution centres across the Russian Federation – two in Moscow and two in St. Petersburg. As at 31 December 2018 the Group employs more than 20,000 people.

For the full year 2018, revenue totalled RUB 161,303,411 thousand, EBITDA reached RUB 8,644,008 thousand, and net loss for the period amounted to RUB 599,755 thousand.

The O`KEY shareholder structure is as follows: NISEMAX Co Ltd – 44.79%, GSU Ltd – 29.52%, free float – 25.69%.


Rusfond (The Russian Aid Foundation) is a leading charity in today’s Russia, established by the Kommersant newspaper in October 1996 as a charitable initiative run by journalists. The Foundation’s mission is to help provide treatment to seriously ill children, promote civil society development and drive adoption of advanced healthcare technology. Over the 23 years of its existence, Rusfond has built a unique model of targeted media-led fundraising.

Since 1996, over RUB 13.692 bn have been raised through Rusfond’s charity campaigns, and more than 24,000 children received assistance. As of 10 October 2019, RUB 1,067,665,148 were collected through these year’s charitable efforts, helping 1,443 children.

The Foundation is the winner of the Silver Archer National Award (2000) and the holder of the first Mercy Badge awarded by the Russian Ministry of Labour (2001). In 2017, the Russian President commended Rusfond for its “significant contribution to charitable activities”. Rusfond President Lev Ambinder won a national award for charity efforts in 2018.

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