O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE, MOEX: OKEY, the “Group” or the “Company”), one of Russia’s largest food retailers, is opening two new hypermarkets in the Moscow region. Customers are now welcome to the O’KEY hypermarket at Novomoskovsky shopping mall (Moskovsky, 2 Khabarova St.) and in the town of Klin near Moscow (9 Pobedy St.).

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The opening of hypermarkets in Moscow and the Moscow Region is part of O`KEY Group’s strategy to strengthen its retail presence in central Russia. In early April, a new O’KEY hypermarket also opened its doors in Sergiyev Posad, the Moscow Region. The new stores have replaced former Karusel hypermarkets, which O’KEY acquired from X5 Group in February 2022.

The hypermarkets in Moskovsky and Klin have a selling space of 3,252 sq m and 4,158 sq m, respectively. Offering a pleasant shopping experience, the new stores boast a convenient product display, wide aisles, cutting edge equipment and superior customer service. The hypermarkets feature more than 30,000 food and non-food SKUs, with a special emphasis placed on carefully selecting and offering fresh and ultra-fresh products. In line with that, the product range includes more than 5,000 SKUs of fresh meat, poultry, fish, dairy, cheese, seafood and confectionery, as well as over 400 kinds of fresh fruit, vegetables, berries and greens. Customers are also welcome to enjoy the chain’s own bakery, where bread and pastry are made three times per day, and choose from a variety of ready-to-eat options. On top of that, hypermarkets offer around 2,000 SKUs of the O’KEY daily, O’KEY, and O’KEY Selection private labels, all available at more affordable prices than branded products of comparable quality.

Between 14 and 27 April, customers at new stores will be offered discounts under the Fresh News special edition catalogue.

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