O`KEY Group S.A. (AIX, LSE, MOEX: OKEY, the “Group” or the “Company”), one of Russia’s largest food retailers, announces the opening of a new hypermarket at the Europolis shopping centre in St Petersburg, Vyborgsky District. Replacing a former Perekrestok store at 84 Polyustrovsky av., the hypermarket welcomed its first customers on 20 April.

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The hypermarket has a selling space of 5,215 sq m and follows a renewed concept created in response to market challenges. The Group first introduced the concept back in 2020 and has been implementing it ever since to upgrade existing stores and open new ones.

The zoning and product layout design in the new hypermarket is consistent with modern customer needs and their convenience. The store features a distinctively expanded assortment of fresh and ultra-fresh products, whose share in the shopping basket is continuously growing. Today, O’KEY hypermarkets are proud to offer more than 40,000 food and non-food items, including a more than 6,000 SKU range of fresh meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products, confectionery, fruit and vegetables. All chain stores offer products of their own production, including 300 items of ready-to-eat meals and bakery products from the chain's own bakery. Their growing share in our offering follows a similar trend in consumer behaviour observed over the past few years, with more and more customers looking to buy ready-to-eat meals.

The new hypermarket will also feature a variety of additional service options, including an in-store cafe, meat and cheese cutting, fish scaling, a choice of takeaway draught beer, and made-to-order ready-to-eat dishes and confectionery.

For quick and easy purchases, customers can use eight self-service checkouts integrated with the new loyalty programme, which leverages a multi-level system of discounts available to O’CARD holders. The discount depends on the ticket size, and there are three discount levels for a selected product range rotated on a monthly basis: silver (10%), gold (15%), and platinum (20%). The loyalty programme is fully integrated with the personal account in the O’KEY mobile app, synchronising data between the card level and the price of products. This way, customers can see the discounted price based on their loyalty programme level by scanning the barcode from the price tag or the product in their mobile app. In addition, families with kids under three years of age can present their baby's birth certificate and an activated loyalty card to get up to 20% off selected items for kids. Also, shopping centre employees will pay 10% less for the ready-to-eat and bakery assortment by presenting their pass or a badge and an activated loyalty card.

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