O`KEY Group S.A. (MOEX, AIX, LSE: OKEY, the “Group” or the “Company”), one of Russia’s leading food retailers, announces that, on 2 November 2023, the Bank of Russia decided to register a prospectus for the Company’s global depositary receipts (GDRs), ISIN US6708662019, each representing one ordinary share of O’KEY GROUP S.A. Thus, the Group has changed its listing status on Moscow Exchange (“MOEX”) to primary. The Company's GDRs remain in the Level 1 quotation list and continue trading on MOEX.

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In December 2020, O`KEY Group received secondary listing status for its GDRs on MOEX. The Company’s GDRs were included in Level 1 quotation list, and, since then, have been trading on the main market under OKEY ticker. The registration of the prospectus and receiving primary listing status is aimed to secure the continuity of trading of the Group’s GDRs on MOEX in the future.

The Group also maintains its primary listing on the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”) since November 2010.

Additionally, in March 2023, the Group obtained secondary listing for its GDRs on Astana International Exchange (“AIX”). The Group's GDRs were admitted to trading on the main market under OKEY ticker.

O`KEY Group does not plan to issue new shares in connection with its GDRs’ listing on MOEX and AIX.

Receiving the primary listing status on MOEX does not change the trading of the Company’s GDRs on MOEX and AIX, and does not require any additional actions from the holders.

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